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Frequently Asked Questions: Corgis

Why is a deposit required for our waitlist

We strive to be responsible breeders and not puppy multipliers. To help ensure that each puppy has a forever home we require a deposit to join our waitlist. By doing this we lessen the chances of producing litters without homes ready. The deposit will be taken off your final payment.

What Genetic Testing is done on the parents? 

We DNA test all breeding parents through Embark or Gensol Genetics. The Pembroke Welsh breed has three genetic traits that are of concern and require screening. These include Degenerative Myelopathy,Von willebrand disease type 1 and Exercise Induced Collapse. We test each dog for a minimum of these three traits, but most the tie a full panel through Embark. 

Can I keep the tail on my Corgi?

We do offer the option of keeping a tail on your new puppy! The Pembroke Welsh Breed Standard does call for a docktail, this happens between day 3-5 after birth. If you are on our waitlist and wanting to keep the tail intact we do require that the puppy be paid in full prior to the tail docking. *Please note this option isn't always available on all litters.

What is OFA testing? 

OFA stands for Orthopedic Foundation for Animals. Each dog breed has recommended health screenings set by the OFA and Parent Breed Club. Pembroke Welsh Corgis call for Hip OFA (or Hip xrays) looking for Hip dysplasia. When a dog gets a OFA hip certification they can score excellent, good or fair. Any other score is considered hip dysplasia and should not be bred. 

What is a Fluffy?

Pembroke Welsh Corgis can come in two types of coat types. The first is breed standard smooth coat and the second is a recessive trait to have Fluffy long coat. 

Why are 3F Corgis higher priced. 

We strive to produce healthy, active puppies that live longer happy lives. To ensure we are producing the best puppies that we can all parent stock is genetic tested, OFA hip tested and not bred until after 2 years of age. We also maintain our yearly vaccinations, deworming and provide our dogs with high quality food (Science Diet).  

Puppies are raised in our homes and seen regularly by our Vet. We don't cut any corners with the health of our dogs so all medical procedures like tail docking, dew claw removal and vaccinations is handle by a licensed Veterinarian. We also make sure each puppy has their best foot forward and start them on Puppy Culture! While there are other things that go into raising our dogs these are just a few. It is very time consuming and expensive to raise a well adjusted healthy puppy! 

Looking for a Trainer? 

I highly recommend Sharon Bachman of Elko, NV. She's an accomplished dog trainer who's been in the business for 20+ years. 

Sharon offers Virtual training and one on one classes, so you can do them from the comfort of your home! 

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