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3F Farms Poultry Policies

Please check out our poultry policies. 

3F Farms Biosecurity

Here at 3F Farms we take biosecurity seriously. This helps us ensure that our livestock remains safe and that we can continue to offer our customers quality healthy animals. 

We do not allow visitation without an appointment. If you are wanting to visit we ask that you please contact us. 

We do not give tours of our poultry breeding pens. We have plenty of photos and videos on both the website and our Facebook Page.

We do not allow other dogs on the property. All of 3F Farms dogs are vaccinated but with puppies that can not be vaccinated until 8 weeks, we want to do what is in their best interest and avoid unnecessary exposure. 

We do not take poultry back. Doing so could put our flock in danger and jeopardize our status as NPIP certified and Avian Influenza clean. 

Hatching Eggs

  • I cannot guarantee hatch rates. Once those eggs leave my farm, I am not responsible for how they are handled or incubated. Rough handling, extreme temperatures, incubation issues, etc, can affect hatch rates adversely both for shipped eggs and eggs that are picked up locally. If this is a problem, please do not buy 3F Farms hatching eggs.

  • I do guarantee that fresh eggs will come from healthy pens with great fertility rates. They will come from pens that I hatch from myself, from healthy active parent stock. Our eggs are collected daily, labeled with a pen designation, and stored in a climate controlled room on turners until being packed for shipment.

  • Your eggs will be packaged securely. Eggs are candled to make sure there are no cracks, eggs are then carefully packaged in foam shippers within a box, then we double box with plenty of padding to ensure eggs arrive safely. The NPIP VS9-3 form will be included inside the box. Your phone number, along with the designation "Hold for Pick Up" will be clearly marked on the box if you wish (and we recommend this). We cannot control the USPS, and sometimes they deliver the boxes regardless, but typically they do hold for delivery.

  • Shipping: We ship all hatching eggs USPS Priority (1-3 day delivery), this includes $50 of insurance. If you wish we can change shipping to USPS Priority Mail Express (1-2 day delivery), please note this is an additional fee. 

  • I do not ship outside the continental USA.

  • Problems with shipping: If your package is damaged, NOTE IT AT THE USPS IMMEDIATELY. Take photos of all of the damage before you leave. Open the box AT THE POST OFFICE if you see damage. Then contact me WITH THE DOCUMENTATION, and I will file a claim and resend eggs when I have them available. If the eggs are not available in a timely fashion, your money will be refunded. If you wait to get home to document damage, I will work with you, but realize that this may take a lot more time. 

  • ***REMEMBER*** SHIPPING EGGS IS A RISK. Eggs may not develop due to rough handling, extreme weather, incubation error, or some other issue. These issues are out of my hands, so I cannot guarantee that your eggs will hatch. I do not resend eggs that do not hatch since I only send fresh eggs from pens with proven fertility that have been carefully packed. If this is not a gamble that you are willing to take, you should pursue other options. 

Live Poultry

We will replace or refund any chicks/birds that die within 48 HR with a proof of proper brooder setup and proof of loss.


We are NPIP/AI Certified. We will provide travel paperwork for all out-of-state customers and upon request for in-state customers.


Please note that we do not take birds back. Doing so would jeopardize our clean flock standing with NPIP/AI Program.


We strive to make sure you have healthy birds. Please reach out with any questions or concerns, and we will try out best to accommodate you.

We can not guarantee the quality of chicks. Quality of the bird can not be assessed until the bird reaches maturity. In any batch of chicks, you could have quality breeders or birds that don't quite reach the same level and could be considered a cull for breeding purposes.



Live Bird Pickup

1.You have a grace period of 1 week for pickup. AFTER birds have been paid FOR IN FULL. AFTER 1 WEEK $2.00 WILL BE ADDED PER BIRD.




3. Please note that we do not take birds back. Doing so would jeopardize our clean flock standing with NPIP/AI Program.

How we package Shipping Eggs 

All egg orders are collected fresh! We never ship eggs older than 72 hours to help ensure we give you the best chance possible with shipped eggs. 

3F Farms uses foam shippers for each order. Once packaged in the foam shipper we double box with extra padding. 

On the outside of each box we clearly mark that your box is fragile and carrying live embryos. 

Each shipment will also include the proper NPIP/AI Paperwork required for shipment.

All eggs are shipped USPS Priority Mail. 

NPIP/AI Certification

All NPIP/AI Certifications will be quoted an estimate prior to scheduling an appointment. Once the estimate has been approved by the client, a scheduled testing date can be made. At the time of scheduling the farm call fees are due to reserve the testing date. Please note that canceling or rescheduling less than 24 hours prior to testing date will result in 50% refund. Payment is due in FULL at the time of service. If you fail to pay after testing has been completed, we reserve the right to charge a $25.00 late fee and every day thereafter will be charged an additional 5% of total bill compounding until paid in full including all late fees. 

Prices are subject to change. 

Our Policies are in place firstly for the safety of our animals and to ensure you receive a quality product.

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