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Our Puppy Contract

With every puppy we require a signed health contract. A contracts helps us ensure that puppies are going to responsible caring homes. Its also a great way for new owners to know what to expect from us and what we expect from you! If you have questions about our contract or why we add details please ask! This is our general contract, please note that your final contract may be different, depending on registration type, prior agreements or other factors. 

3F Farms Health Contract

3F Farms Pembroke Welsh Corgi Contract/Health Guarantee

I, Sierra Ford, the Breeder/Seller, do hereby agree to the sale of one (1) canine of the following 


Dog Description: 

Breed: Pembroke Welsh Corgi           Sex:                Date of Birth: 

Color:                                          Markings:           Registration #: 

Microchip #:                                  Type of Registration: Limited Registration 

Sire Registration: 

Dam Registration: 


Total Cost of the above canine: $ (not including shipping) 

Shipping/Delivery Cost, if needed:____ (includes airfare, crate, and veterinarian health certificate) 


Preferred Payments 

  • Cash 

  • Cashiers Check 

  • Venmo (@sierra-ford-6): Friends and Family option

Other Payment Options- please note we do charge a processing fee for these payments

  • Paypal (, processing fee 3.49% + $0.49 

  • Credit Card, Processing fee 3.5% + $0.15 

  • Venmo Business, Processing fee 1.9% + $0.10


Non-refundable deposit: $500.00     Date Paid:_____________________

(contract must accompany the deposit) 


Remaining Balance:$ , is to be paid in full in CASH prior to the buyer 

receiving the canine.


Pickup Date:  (Please note puppy must be pick up/shipped on or before listed date. If not picked up the Buyer will be charged a $25/day boarding Fee). Puppy will be ready as soon as March 14th, 2022.


Total Cost Includes: 

  • AKC Registration (Prepaid)

  • 30 days of pet insurance through AKC 

  • Dews and Tails removed 

  • Deworming 

  • Vaccinations appropriate for age at pickup 

  • Microchip (AKC reunite- Paid Membership) 

  • Puppy Package (includes, information on new puppy, bag of dog food, treats, and toy or blanket) 


This puppy/dog is sold with a spay/neuter contract, BUYER agrees to have the puppy spayed/neutered before 25 months of age. Damages for breeding a dog that was purchased with a spay/neuter agreement will be $5,000 for the first occurrence and $10,000 for any additional occurrences.


1, the Buyer do hereby agree to buy the above mentioned canine, and agree to the following terms and conditions: 

The canine listed above appears to be in good health at the time of sale and embodies the characteristics of the breed named above. This canine is purebred with purebred parents. The Breeder believes this above described canine to be in good health at the time of delivery. 

The Buyer is to have this canine examined by a licensed veterinarian of their choice within 72 hours from the time of delivery or pickup. Failure to do so will void this contract and its guarantees. If within the 72 hours the puppy is found to be in unacceptable health, a written statement from the veterinarian should be forwarded to the Seller and the puppy will be returned within 72 hours, at Buyer’s expense, for replacement of equal or lesser value with same color and gender, as soon as one becomes available. Replacement is guaranteed within 3 years. If the canine is found to have a fatal or severe life altering genetic defect by the age of one (1) year that is diagnosed by the Buyer’s licensed veterinarian, This problem must be recognized by a licensed veterinarian and a written copy of the test/procedures performed and the diagnosis must be sent to Seller within 10 days of the diagnosis of condition. The puppy will be returned to the Seller within two (2) weeks of written diagnosis. FURTHERMORE, NO TREATMENT OR SURGERY SHALL BE DONE ON THE PUPPY UNTIL THE SELLER IS CONTRACTED AND HAS TIME TO CONFER FOR A SECOND OPINION. In addition, Buyer will be responsible for any and all vet costs associated with the puppy. No refunds will be given for vet costs. When the Buyer has decided to return the puppy (with defects such as those listed above) and Seller has been notified, the puppy must be returned to the Seller within 2 weeks of written notification to the Seller. If the Buyer decides to keep the puppy in the event of a defect being found (and does not make arrangements to return the puppy within 2 weeks of notification of defect), the Seller no longer has any obligations to replace the puppy at any later date. If the puppy is returned due to the life-threatening or alter defects (those listed above), and if Seller veterinarian agrees to the diagnosis of the condition after conferring with the Buyer’s veterinarian, then a replacement puppy will be issued or equal or lesser value and of the same gender as soon as one becomes available. 

If at any time in the first 72 hours the Buyer regrets purchasing the puppy, the puppy may be returned to the Seller for a refund of the purchase price (minus the non-refundable deposit) as long as the puppy is returned in good health. If the Seller incurs any vet bills due to the conditions the puppy is returned in, those will be deducted from the refund. 


In the event of the puppy’s death a necropsy must be performed to determine the cause of death and the Buyer will be responsible for these charges: Seller is in no way responsible for payment of exam, or any other medical or veterinarian charges. If the Buyer qualifies for a puppy replacement then the purchase price will be put towards another Canine of equal or lesser value when one becomes available. If Buyer rejects a replacement puppy, all sales are final. The Buyer is responsible for all expenses in the return of the canine. Under NO CONDITION will the Seller replace this canine where the Seller was not advised of its being ill beforehand or “put to sleep” without Seller's permission. 


All appropriate vaccinations for the canine’s age have been given, and a record of this vaccination history is supplied at the time of delivery. The Buyer agrees to maintain the canine’s health in good condition, and provide yearly examinations, vaccinations, heart-worm (location dependent), and any other usual procedures necessary to assure good health. The Seller has done everything possible to produce healthy sound canines and by raising the canines in the best ways possible in regards to diet, exercise, socialization, and veterinary care. The Buyer agrees to provide a suitable and safe area for this canine. The Seller guarantees does NOT cover any liability for any injury, or illness caused by stress induced hypoglycemia, canine influenza, other diseases/illnesses/viruses, or mites/lice after leaving our care. There are all types of parasites that lie dormant and that can be brought on by the stress or change of environment due to allergies, etc., and there is no way to predict how a puppy will cope with change. Therefore, the Buyer agrees to not change the puppy's dog food for at least 2 weeks after pickup/delivery so as to not stress the puppy more than necessary (please note the puppy package will include a bag of dog food that should last this 2 week period). Also, there is no guarantee against any diseases contracted after leaving the Seller's premises. I do my best to provide a clean, healthy, safe environment to ensure that the Buyer is getting a healthy puppy. 


Buyers initials to agree to terms above:________________


There are many factors that can influence growth and development, such as diet, exercise, weight gain, etc. The Buyer assumes the responsibility to carry on with the appropriate vaccinations, exercise, and feeding schedule, recommended by the Buyer’s veterinarian. 


The Seller promises to try to be a lifelong assistant with the Buyer’s puppy in regard to being available for advice needed. Sierra, the breeder/seller, deeply cares for all animals that go on to new homes and requests that the Buyer call or email if assistance is ever needed. Also, Sierra has first right to refuse the puppy if the Buyer at any time the Buyer is no longer able or no longer wants the dog in question. In that case, Sierra will try to find the Puppy a suitable new home. 


The Seller can offer no further guarantee once the care of the canine is no longer under their control. 3F Farms Corgis only guarantees a pet quality dog and in no way implies or guarantees as to the canine’s adult size, weight, hair, coat, skin conditions, temperament, or train-ability of the canine. The Seller neither makes nor implies any warranties or guarantees, express or implied, other than those written in the agreement including, without limitation, the warranties of merchantability and fitness. This document constitutes the entire agreement between the Seller and Buyer with legal respect to this sale. If there are any disagreements or discrepancies, they must be handled in the state of Utah and the county of Utah, at the Buyers expense in regards to all legal fees. 


The Buyers signature below indicates that He/She has read, agrees, and does understand all conditions of this contract and agrees with the sales agreement. 



Buyers Signature 



Sellers Signature 


Printed Name:_________________________________________________


Address: __________________________________________________


City, State, Zip codes:_______________________________________


Phone Number: _____________________________________


Email Address: _____________________________________


Date of Agreement: ____________________________________


Date of Pickup:_______________________________________

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