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Mocha Litter X-ray (2) 2022.jpeg


Mocha's Litter! Coming August 2022

Check out our latest litter x-rays! Mocha's due date is August 15th, 2022! How many puppies can you count! 

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Mochas 2022 Litter X-ray.jpeg


Mocha delivered 9 beautiful puppies 9/21/22. We have 4 Female and 5 Males. This whole litter will be red in color just like their parents.

This litter is priced at $1,800.00 for limited registration. 

Puppies will be ready to leave 10/30/22

Females: 4 
Males: 5

Mochas Litter 9-21-22_edited.jpg
Whopper Mochas Litter 4 weeks_edited.jpg
Peanut Mochas Litter 4 weeks_edited.jpg
Pretzel Mochas Litter 4 weeks_edited.jpg


PEEP Mochas Litter 2022_edited.jpg


JujjuBee Mochas Litter 4 weeks (1)_edited.png


Ike (AKA ARCHIE) Mochas Litter 4 weeks_edited.jpg


Hubba Bubba Mochas Litter 4 weeks_edited.jpg


Gumdrop(1) Mochas Litter 4 weeks_edited.jpg

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Honey Bea Badger

Honey Bea delivered 11 XL puppies on 8/31/22 via C-section. Currently mom and pups are doing wonderfully! This will be Beas last litter, as she was spayed during the C-section. We are expecting the majority of the puppies to turn red with the possibilities of a few sables. More Photos will be uploaded at two weeks of age.

This litter is priced at $1,800.00 for limited registration. 

Puppies will be ready to leave 11/9/22

Females: 3 
Males: 8

Squirrel Beas litter two weeks .jpeg
Sugar Beas Litter 2 weeks .jpeg
Tater Beas Litter 2 weeks.jpeg
Apple Beas Litter 2 weeks.jpeg
Pumpkin Beas Litter 2 weeks.jpeg
Turkey Beas Litter 2 weeks.jpeg
Bean Beas Litter 2 weeks .jpeg
Cranberry Beas Litter 2 weeks .jpeg
Butter Beas Litter 2 weeks .jpeg
Gravy beas litter 2 weeks .jpeg