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Our colorful layers can include F1 olive eggers (ameraucana crossed with black copper marans),  Multigeneration Olive Eggers bred back to our Ameraucanas to get you a varitey of greens, or light blue layers. 


Eggs pictured are examples from my flock. Eggs colors will vary. Please note that egg color does not reflect what the chick hatched from said egg will lay. 


Please note that chicks will receive mareks disease vaccination at hatch. If you wish to have them without please make note at order or notify us prior to hatch. 


Hens weigh on average 4-5lbs

Roosters weigh, on average, 5-6lbs 

Average Yearly Egg Production: 200

Age to Maturity: 25-30 weeks


Colored Eggs Layers (Olive/Easter Eggers)

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  • Before purchasing, please check out our policies under the home tab. We require a min of 5 chicks to ship (you can mix or match breeds). Please note we only offer Express shipping on chicks. If you do not click express shipping your order will be canceled and refunded. 

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