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Small White Chick Shipping Box.  9"W X 12" L X 6" H 

The white exterior allows stickers or logos to stand out and be noticed from a distance. 

It holds up to 25-day-old chicks, 15 ducklings/poults or 75 quail. 


Ventilation holes are small enough to prevent chicks from sticking their heads through but allow correct airflow. The slated design allows for airflow when stacked. Each box is rated to with stand 100lbs. 


Boxes will be received flat, and ventilation holes will be unpunched to allow you to select air flow/heat retention based on weather and /or the number of chicks. 


These can be used for shipping or for your customers who pick up locally. 


Currently, these are local pickups only. We hope to be offering shipping by the middle of October. 

Chick Shipping Box

PriceFrom $5.00
  • Currently, this item is local pickup only. We will be offering shipping soon! 

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