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Max Order Quantity: 20

Please note we require a min of 10 chicks to ship. Twenty chicks will fit per box. You can mix and match breeds for your order if the ship dates are the same. 


Black Copper Marans are known for their deep chocolate brown eggs. 

They tend to be docile. They handle the cold and hot weathers well here in Utah. 


Chicks are Stright Run Only. 


Hens weigh on average: 6lbs

Roosters weigh, on aveage: 7-8lbs 

Average Yearly Egg Production: 150-200 

Age to Maturity: 25 weeks 

Black Copper Marans

Out of Stock
  • Please note for us to ship day-olds safely, there is a minimum order of 10 chicks per shipment. You can mix and match breeds. Twenty chicks fit per shipping box.


    We will not ship if temperatures are below 40 or above 90 degrees. 

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