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Our Barnyard-hatching Eggs can be from a mix of any of the following breeds.

Large Fowl Dark Cornish

Silver Laced Orpington 


Large Fowl White Red Lace Cornish 

Black Copper Marans 


Red Orpington 

Jubilee Orpington


These are a great economy option if you are looking for good layers or heritage meat birds! 


Barnyard Mix Hatching Eggs

PriceFrom $20.00
Out of Stock
  • Before purchasing hatching eggs, please checkout our policies under the home tab. We do not guarantee hatching eggs. 

  • We highly recommend Priority or Express shipping. 

    Ground advantage can take up to 7 days to arrive and this can greatly affect hatch rates. 

    We do not guarantee Hatch rates, please see our policy page for more information.

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