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Who is 3F Farms?

"But honey, it's only a few more chickens and I promise these will be the prettiest eggs you’ve ever seen!” I state as I place fresh chicks into my already full brooder.

Raise your hand if this is a familiar conversation you’ve had with a partner or with yourself. Chicken math could be my personal mantra as it not only applies to my ever growing chicken flock, but everything I do in life.

Hello my name is Sierra Ford the owner of 3F Farms. I am a confirmed hatcholoic and poultry enthusiast. I want to welcome you to our blog and life at 3F Farms. This is our first blog post and I hope you can get to know me a little better and how this blog might benefit you and your animals!

Who am I ? Like I stated above my name is Sierra Ford and as long as I can remember Agriculture has been my first love. In my youth I w

as very involved with 4H and FFA which helped shape me into the AG ambassador I am today. My FFA involvement ultimately led me to pursue a degree at the University of Wyoming, In Laramie, WY. While away at college I was actively involved with the University Farm as well as University Research with the Rumen microbiome. I graduated with a degree in Animal and Veterinary Sciences with an emphasis in Range Livestock and a Minor in Rangeland ecology and Watershed Management.

My time at the University of Wyoming developed my love for research and the applied science of raising livestock. I am fascinated with improving feed efficiency, animal husbandry, meat production, and animal diseases. In my spare time you can find me researching new methods and learning every bit of information about a species ,breed, or general animal husbandry as humanly possible! This passion for raising livestock led me to starting 3F Farms.

3F Farms is my hobby and passion, turned into a small business. I have decided to add blogging to our website to help inspire others to find their passion for backyard poultry and all things involved with small homesteading. While there's many blogs and groups you can join, I plan to focus on the Utah area, our problems, climate, and other needs specific to Utah and surrounding areas. My posts will be based in research and studied facts, as well as personal experiences.

I don’t want to blog just for me, I want to build a community! While we may not agree on everything, that is okay! I want to open the floor for active engagement, feedback, and heightened learning. 3F Farms is here to support you and your poultry and small farms journey!

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