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Max Order Quantity: 10

Please note we require a min of 10 chicks to ship. Twenty chicks will fit per box. You can mix and match breeds for your order if the ship dates are the same. 



Our silkie Breeding Pens have Silkie, Satin, and Showgirls (Naked Neck) hens. We currently have two pens, a Paint pen (includes paints and blacks ) and a color fun pen (assortment of colors). There is a possibility of all the types listed above. 


Our assortment pen is a pen for those looking for a pet or who don't care about genetic coloring. These silkies will come in a range of possible colors! 

If you are wanting pure color genetics, our paint pen would be where you need to order from. We do not cross any other colors within this pen. 




Silkies are known for their friendly attitudes and tendency to go broody. They make excellent pets and mothers. These little birds weigh in at 2-3lbs and average 180 eggs a year. 



To see more pictures of our parent stock please checkout our Facebook page @3FFARMSUT


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  • Please note for us to ship day-olds safely, there is a minimum order of 10 chicks per shipment. You can mix and match breeds. Twenty chicks fit per shipping box.


    We will not ship if temperatures are below 40 or above 90 degrees. 

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