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We will only ship/sell 5 or more birds at a time. You can mix and match breeds but must have at least 5 chicks in your order. 20 chicks will fit per shipping container.

PLEASE NOTE: Shipping must be added as a product and will not be added at checkout.



Don't care what breed you are getting? This is a great way to save and get an assortment of chicks! These chicks could be from any of our breeding pens. Our over-hatched chicks will just be what extras we had hatch every Monday; we can not guarantee what breeds will be available. 


How this works. We hatch out chicks every Monday. Because we set extra eggs with each order to ensure we can fill all orders, we sometimes have an over hatch of chicks! Since I have limited brooder space, this means our extras need to find homes! This is a great way to get an assortment of chicks for less! Make sure to subscribe to our mailing list! Every Monday (once we start hatching) we will email a code that will allow only our subscribers to jump on this deal! The minimum order is 5 max is 10 per order. 

These chicks will ship that day! 




For more pictures of our breeding stock checkout our Facebook page @3FFARMSUT. 




Out of Stock
  • Please note for us to ship day olds safely there is a minimum order of 6 chicks per shipment. You can mix and match breeds. 

  • 3F Farms Pre-Orders are our waitlist. Once your order has been placed you will get an email from us with your expected ship date. Orders are filled in order of when they were placed.