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Orpingtons are a gentle breed that tends to go broody.  Birds average 6-10 lbs and lay an average of 250 eggs a year. Currently, our pen is mixed colors of Silver Laced, and Blue. The possible colors you can get are blue, Silver Laced, Black, and black with partial lacing. 



Egg Color: Tan


CHICKS ARE SOLD AS STRAIGHT RUN ONLY. Please note that chicks will receive mareks disease vaccination at hatch. If you wish to have them without please make note at order or notify us prior to hatch.


To see more pictures of the parent stock please checkout our Facebook page @3FFARMSUT



English Orpingtons

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  • Please note for us to ship day-olds safely, there is a minimum order of 5 chicks per shipment. You can mix and match breeds. Twenty chicks fit per shipping box.


    Before purchasing, please check out our policies under the home tab. Please note we only offer Express shipping on chicks. If you do not click express shipping your order will be canceled and refunded. 

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