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Max Order Quantity: 10 

We will only ship/sell 5 or more birds at a time. 15 ducklings will fit per shipping container.

PLEASE NOTE: Shipping must be added as a product and will not be added at checkout. Duckling ship separately and can not be mixed with other species.


Muscovy are the only domestic ducks that are not derived from Mallard stock. Originating from the Caribbean, Africa and Honduras where the native culture values them for their meat, Muscovy aren't really ducks, but rather large perching waterfowl. They are very laid back and can be quite social with people. They can not quack but make a hissing sound while they wag their tails like dogs!


Muscovies are great mothers and very good foragers. Typically laying around 180-200 Jumbo-sized eggs per year. Males typically weigh 15+ lb while the hens are 5-8 lbs. They are very personable and interesting birds, and quite intelligent. 


Please note that this year we are letting our muscovy hatch on mother natures schedule, meaning we are allowing the hens to hatch unassisted. If you are wanting ducklings please join our email listing button to be notified when they are available as ducklings will be listed as they hatch. 


Ducklings are sold as straight run only. 



Muscovy Ducks

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  • Please note for us to ship day-olds safely there is a minimum order of 5 per shipment. We can not mix ducklings with chicks. 

    Before purchasing, please check out our policies under the home tab.  Please note we only offer Express shipping on chicks. If you do not click express shipping your order will be canceled and refunded.

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