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Turkeys will not be included in our pre-order sales. Once they start laying we will open a separate pre-order after we confirm fertility. 

Our Pen includes Chocolates, Blue Slates, Black, Rusty Slates, and Whites. 





Poults could be a variety in colors. 

All Poults are sold as straight run. 

Mixed Heritage Turkey Poults

Out of Stock
  • 3F Farms Pre-Orders are our waitlist. Once your order has been placed, you will get an email from us with your expected ship date. Orders are filled in order of when they were placed. We will be filling orders from March to September. If a specific date does not work for you, please add that to your order so we can make commendations.

  • Please note for us to ship day-olds safely, there is a minimum order of 5 chicks per shipment. Turkeys Ship Separately. 

    Shipping needs to be added as a product under Live Poultry. It WILL NOT be added at checkout.

    15 turkey Poults fit per shipping box. If you order more than 15 poults, please select 2+ shipping.

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